Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram merger confirmed


Mark Zuckerberg spoke about the merger between WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram last January saying that we will not see it happen before 2020. Asha Sharma was also at the same wave in her presentation at the F8 conference.

The head of Facebook's consumer products department has confirmed that users will be able to send messages between the three different messaging services of the company with end-to-end encryption.

Typically, consolidation of messaging services will reminisce how different telecommunications providers operate, meaning that it does not matter which network the subscriber belongs to when receiving a message or a call from another user. The message you send from any Facebook service you use will reach the recipient in the service he uses.

Especially for Facebook Messenger, the company revealed that it is proceeding with its redesign and referred to it as LightSpeed. The goal is to offer the same features, but in a much lighter package with a size of just 30MB and start up in less than 2 seconds. It is not known, however, when it will be launched.

In addition, the company has confirmed the leakage for desktop versions of Facebook Messenger for Windows and MacOS. Both will be native applications for Apple's and Microsoft's operating systems, not mobile application ports. Their launch will take place in the autumn without an exact date.

Finally, on Facebook Messenger, a new Friends tab will be added to give you access to your friends' posts, such as photos, videos and Stories, with the material coming from all Facebook platforms. This content will be strictly from your friends and not from public posts. In addition, it will be possible to watch videos with your friends by making a video call via Messenger.



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