SpaceX makes history with the successful docking of Crew Dragon to the ISS


A huge achievement for SpaceX, as the company managed to successfully launch, orbit and link the Crew Dragon capsule to the International Space Station (ISS) while the ISS astronauts had the opportunity to open its door and enter the crew cab to future SpaceX missions.

This was the first time SpaceX had "taken out" Crew Dragon in Space, even without crew, but also the first time it was connected with autonomous maneuvers from the spaceship rather than using the ISS robotic mechanism. The latter is used when supplies are shipped from SpaceX and this time is inactive.

Crew Dragon started the attachment process when it was about 150m from the ISS Harmony module. In the process, it was removed to 180m to complete the final maneuver to complete the process. After being locked in, the astronauts Anne McClain, Oleg Kononenko and David Saint-Jacques opened the door and entered the cabin for the first time to take supplies and equipment (about 181kg), as well as measurements from the dummy placed by SpaceX to study biometric data.

The Crew Dragon capsule will remain in the ISS for 5 days and will then be called upon to complete a new challenge, the return to Earth. This process assumes that it will safely enter the atmosphere and then successfully open the four special parachutes that will smooth it to the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. The final stage is that of the SpaceX Crew Dragon collection to be used again in a future trial or mission, with the company having about an hour to do so.



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