Google fined €50 million for non-compliance with GDPR rules

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Did you expect that by applying the GDPR rules in May last year, all the problems would be corrected? Of course not. Proof of France's first "blouse" for Alphabet, Google's "Mummy" company.

The French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) has conducted extensive research into Google's practices in advertising in 2018, after receiving two complaints from two European data protection organizations for more than 10,000 users.

The result of this research was that the company did not get the necessary consent from the users to proceed with serving targeted advertising and is therefore required to pay a fine of € 50 million.

The survey also concluded that Google intentionally "wasted" the information about protecting the user's privacy under a bunch of links and buttons, making it difficult for the user to find them. At the same time, this information was unclear and when Google took the "consensus" it was done in an unspecified and quite questionable way.

Data processing for the purpose of targeted advertising is embedded in a series of documents and in no way helps the user to understand them. A user browsing the "Targeted Ad" section may not understand the multitude of webpages, services, and applications covered by these terms, such as Google Search, Google Maps, Home and Play Store.

CNIL also blames Google because it has already checked the fields that give consent to the company's privacy policy when someone creates a new account, especially when it comes to activating an Android device.

Google's official position is that it is always trying for the best and of course compliant with the GDPR rules. It goes without saying that the fine of € 50 million is crumbs for Alphabet, but it is a good thing that there are actually principles that deal with the rules and it was not just about the eyes of the world.



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