ESA is training astronauts for missions on the Moon


Half a century passed from the last manned missions to the Moon, but interest has been revived for the Earth satellite by all space agencies. It is known that NASA is preparing its own mission, and recently we have seen China access the Chang-e 4 spacecraft to study its "dark" side.

The European Space Agency (ESA) could not miss the party, since it has begun preparing the next generation of astronauts to go to the moon. ESA trains astronauts in Lanzarote (Spain) with simulations created on the basis of the "walks" made by Apollo mission members. At the same time, new tools for geological studies, upgraded equipment and improved scientific protocols are being tested to make missions on the Moon safer and more efficient.

To overcome the problems of lack of experience and 50-year inactivity in similar missions, ESA has launched the Pangea-X program to train astronauts in volcanic areas because they feel they are quite similar to the Moon's surface . In this effort, engineers and geologists are assisted with their knowledge, with the former looking for new ways to move easily by wearing special uniforms. For example, the range of motion for performing simple processes is not very large with today's pressure suits.

This requires the creation of new outfits that offer more mobility, and will be equipped with 360 ° live relay cameras and real-time communication with a support team.



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