Super Mario Maker 2 arrives on June 28 with major upgrades

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The new Nintendo Direct brought to light more details about Super Mario Maker 2, the sequel to the great success of Nintendo Wii U to create your own levels. Obviously this time the traffic is about the Nintendo Switch and there are several new elements.

The story mode of Super Mario Maker 2 puts you in the role of Mario where you are invited to complete some missions to help Princess Peach rebuild her castle. On the way, you collect coins and learn new tricks that will then serve you.

Level-creation mode includes tools for designing Super Mario 3D World elements and you can adjust the track of objects, add vertical sub-areas, on / off switches, large coins, mushrooms, trampolines and more.

In the online multiplayer track we have Course World, a contact hub with other creators to share opinions, play their levels (downloadable for offline games), give access to your own, etc. Everyone has their own profile with custom avatar and decoration options.

The Endless Challenge puts you in the battle against other players, where you must complete as many levels as possible of any difficulty. There is also a competitive 4 player mode on a random level and co-op mode where you are working to complete a random level.

For traditional types, there is LAN mode for local multiplayer as long as one of the 4 players has a Nintendo Online account and adds the other three to the game. Everyone plays from their own Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario Maker 2 will be released on June 28 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.



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