Facebook is radically changing its design and philosophy

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Many and important Facebook announcements from the F8 conference in the company's effort to make a 180° turn in its policy to leave behind the scandals that have plagued it in recent years and to regain the confidence of users.

Mark Zuckerberg started by stating that the future is privacy, as opposed to what he said about 10 years ago for the publication of personal moments. With this in mind, redesigned Facebook brings to front two of its main features, Events and Groups. Especially Groups we will be seeing them as a central point, since more than 400 million users are participating in such groups. New design, tools to easily find topics of interest to you and a simpler environment in general.


The redesign of Groups will begin immediately on iOS and Android apps, and in the coming months we will see it in the Facebook desktop version. The Groups tab will be at the center of the redesigned menu bar and clicking there users will see a separate stream of new posts from participating Groups and suggestions for Groups that match their interests.

Meet New Friends

Another new section is called "Meet New Friends," which runs through the app and helps users find new friends and get in touch with strangers who can share the same interests. Also note that Groups will be promoted particularly throughout the application range, such as Marketplace and Watch, and will be able to post to a Group directly from your News Feed or profile.


About Events, Facebook puts a lot of weight into helping the user find events that happen near his location. The new Events tab is next to the Groups tab and includes a richer map to find events with ease, organize your schedule and go from those that are closed (eg a friend's party) to those that become public (eg a concert).

Facebook Dating - Secret Crush

Testing for her own "Tinder" expands in more countries and with the addition of a new feature called Secret Crush. The user will be able to create a private list where he will declare his love interest for up to 9 friends. This will only be available to him / her unless one of his friends adds it to his / her own list and there is a "match". If the link is made then a window of communication opens in Messenger and...have fun!



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