Anthem steals the show in E3 2018 and will be released on 2019

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One of the games we were looking forward hearing from in E3 2018 is Anthem, EA’s new IP, which we first saw last year, and was characterized as an open world MMOFPS that combines Mass Effect, Destiny and Fallout elements. 

The company devoted a decent amount of time from its keynote to explain the game’s mechanics, gameplay and the storyline. Casey Hudson is the poject’s head manager, former BioWare employee. Hudson explained that Ea has focused on the game’s storyline, so that gamers could play singleplayer solo if they are not interested in the multiplayer experience, while he promised the addition of new parts of the story every now and then to make the storyline of the game last longer. 

The story takes place in an abandoned from the gods world, which is full of tools that they left behind and a mysterious power named “Anthem of Creation”. Therefore, the world is extremely chaotic and violent, while the gamer has to face devastating storms and huge mutated monsters. Your main competitor will be a tribe called “The Dominion”, whose members have learnt how to manipulate Anthem’s power source to dominate the world. 

Players will have a character that can be equipped with four different Javelins, each of which can offer different abilities and combat style. Also, there will be an AI assistant (Owen) that will guide you throughout the game. Anthem will not include, thankfully, loot boxes or any other items that people can buy and will give them the edge over other players. Yet, you could customize your Javelin’s appearance but will not affect the gameplay.

Anthem will be released on February 22nd 2019 on PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One.



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