Humanoid ATLAS robot fells off stage during presentation

viral VIRAL
Published: 09-08-2017

ATLAS is an incredible humanoid robot that's been there since 2013. It can walk around autonomously, move boxes around, balance on one foot etc. But sometimes even ATLAS acts like a true human when walking on stage and keeps his head high.

Boston Dynamics, the company that builds ATLAS among other amazing robots, recently gave a presentation at the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders. It was a pretty normal show for the company with ATLAS walking around the stage autonomously, while a human guided SpotMini the dogbot across the stage with a controller.

Everything was going great until it came time for ATLAS to exit the stage. Even though the robot had successfully pulled off the maneuver in rehearsal, ATLAS caught his foot on a stage light and fell off throught the back curtain.



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