The Swift Life is the app-social network about Taylor Swift!

Published: 11-10-2017

Time has come for Taylor Swift to launch her own app-social network called "The Swift Life". The new app is developed by Glu, the same studio that has worked on popular mobile games like Katy Perry Pop, Britney Spears: American Dream, Nicki Minaj: The Dream and one of the most lucrative mobile games on the market, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. 

Glu’s CEO, Nick Earl, refers to the app as “a new digital entertainment project.” The app itself even goes so far as to borrow key design elements from social networks like Instagram and Tumblr, complete with pop-up ads. For fans of Taylor Switch, the app does have a few exclusive features that actually make sense, though details are scarce. For example, the app will offer what the press release calls “exclusive” content and photos, as well as direct engagement with Swift. 

Rest assured that given Glu’s track record in the freemium, microtranscation department, The Swift Life will likely be full of in-app purchases. Currently, however, we only know that Swift will be getting her own set of emojis called ‘Taymojis.’ 

The Swift Life is set to be available on both Android and iOS.



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