Windows 95 is now available as a free app on PC, Mac and Linux!

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If you're nostalgic about old tech and software, then get ready: Slack developer Felix Rieseberg has created an app that allows you to run Windows 95 on Windows, macOS and Linux (which is perhaps more practical than running it on an Apple Watch). If you're interested in downloading it, you can grab it over at GitHub.

You can easily run applications such as WordPad, MS Paint and Minesweeper within the app. Internet Explorer, sadly, doesn't work. The good news is if you're playing around and encounter problems, you can simply reset the instance and start over again.

If you're worried about storage space or RAM, then fear not. The OS is just 129MB to download. Once you have it up and running, it will only take up about 200MB of RAM, even when you're running multiple applications and utilities.



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