An important security vulnerability in WhatsApp allowed the installation of spyware


A very important security gap was revealed in the WhatsApp application for Android and iOS devices, which was confirmed by both the service itself and the Israeli NSO Group. The report tells them that hackers could install NSO's Pegasus spyware software simply by making a call to the user's WhatsApp number!

This software found its way to the device in case the user did not answer the call, and there was the possibility for the attacker to delete it from the victim's history so that he would have no idea of what had happened. For Pegasus, a hacker can use the device's camera and microphone, as well as monitor the user's messages and location.

For the time being there is no confirmation of the identity of the hackers, however, it is rumored to be mainly active in the Middle East and "photographed" by Saudi Arabia. The NSO Group even received a lawsuit from a UK lawyer in the United Kingdom because it shared with its customers this information about the WhatsApp security gap.

In general, NSO Group always has its software in Information Services in various Middle Eastern countries and several activists in the region have reported receiving text messages that called them to install Pegasus on their devices.

For its part, the WhatsApp development team (Facebook owned) has already alerted Human Rights Organizations and the US Department of Justice to the fact that it has already repaired the security gap with a server-level upgrade to the application , but also with the launch of the patch in the WhatsApp update released yesterday (May 13, 2019).



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