How to transfer files from an Android device to Mac

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Published: 11-12-2017

In this guide we’ll show you an easy way to transfer or copy files from Android to a Mac. The most popular method is using Google’s Android File Transfer tool, although sometimes it doesn't work very good and it's lacking features that other developers have included in their alternative programs. For starters, though, it's a fine way to do basic things.

  1. To start, download Android File Transfer from
  2. Once downloaded, open androidfiletransfer.dmg
  3. Drag the green Android logo to the Applications folder on the right
  4. Connect a USB cable from your phone to the computer
  5. Double-click and open Android File Transfer
  6. Browse your files, photos, music, and more
  7. Click and drag anything you want to transfer (Limit of 4GB at a time)

If you’re trying to transfer all of your photos before getting a new phone, or move music, pay attention to the 4GB limit mentioned above. If you try to transfer more than 4GB at a time, it will likely freeze and stop responding. This means you’ll need to drag and drop multiple things, multiple times, to get everything you need. Depending on what you’re transferring.

Also, you may need to pull down the notification bar and tap the system transfer USB option shown above and select from the list. Choose which option meets your needs. You may need to do this before the Android File Transfer program will open on Mac.



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