How to find WiFi passwords on your Android device

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Published: 13-11-2017

Did you know your Android device saves the WiFi password for every network? There are many reasons you might want to find a WiFi network password. Whether that’s because you lost or forgot the password, or because you don’t want to dig out the router and find the info on the bottom. Another reason is to share the password with friends, family members, or to sign into the network with a different device. 

If you don’t have the password there’s a way to find the stored information on your Android device. As long as your phone has root access you can see the WiFi password for any network you’ve used.

  • Download ES File Explorer
  • Open the app and go to Local 
  • Open Device Folder and select Data
  • Locate and open Misc folder
  • Scroll down and click on WiFi
  • Open the folder wpa_supplicant.conf (or wep_supplicant.conf if the networkd uses WEP instead of WPA)

From here, your phone will show a list of text that details every WiFi network you’ve ever connected to. These text files show the WiFi name, password and security type, and yes, the WiFi password access key. It’s easier to read the wpa_supplicant.conf file with a text editor, so open it in plain text.

Now, simply scroll through all the saved WiFi networks until you find the one you’re looking for, or search for the SSID (network name) of your WiFi. Scroll through the info until you find SSID and PSK, we want the latter of the two.

To the right of PSK will be the password for the WiFi network. That’s it. We’re all done, and now you can share the password with friends or family, write it down, and put it somewhere safe. This works great for hotel WiFi and things of that nature.



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