These are the best free apps for meal planning


Planning out meals is one of the best ways to eat healthier, cut calories, lose weight, and feed the whole family fast. It’s also pretty hard to do — but the right app can make your modern meals a whole lot easier to create, shop for, and prepare. Take a look at the best meal-planning apps, all totally free and ready to help out.

Mealime (Free)

Mealime is designed around planning family or meals for guests the easy way. You can create profiles of everyone you are cooking for, which can list likes, dislikes, general eating habits, allergies, and so on. You can also create profiles for couples, whole families, and so on to make planning a little easier. You can then look for recipes that match all your requirements. Pick one, and it gives you full instructions and can automatically add the necessary ingredients to your grocery list. Most recipes are focused on fast prep times around 30 minutes, so you may be able to save even more time in the kitchen.

Mealime - [Android Link]

Mealime - [iOS Link]

Foodplanner (Free)

FoodPlanner is based around recipes. It allows you to browse the web for healthy recipes and download them onto the app. It gives you the nutritional data for the meal and allows you to automatically generate a shopping list. 

Foodplanner - [Android Link]

Foodplanner - [iOS Link]

Eat This Much (Free)

If your primary goal is to lose weight, then Eat This Much encourages you to put in your food preferences, how much money you want to spend, your schedule, and how many calories the meals will contain. It will then generate meal plans for you and provide grocery lists for the ingredients. 

Eat This Much - [Android Link]

Eat This Mush - [iOS Link]

Lose it! (Free)

Another weight-loss app, but instead of putting in the number of calories you want per meal, you just set general goals and a body weight target that you want to reach. Then you track what you are eating and what sort of exercise you are getting. The app includes a food database with millions of options to choose from, a scanning function so you can instantly add purchased foods, and even some photo recognition for basic foods.

Lose it! - [Android Link]

Lose it! - [iOS Link]

Yummly (Free)

Yummly is a general food-sharing and recipe-finding app that features plenty of vivid photos and a rating system to help you find the most popular (or at least the most talked-about) recipes online. If you have your meal routine pretty well down but need some help finding the right recipes, Yummly is a great, albeit more casual, app. 

Yummly - [Android Link]

Yummly - [iOS Link]



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