1480: New Help Line and Hotline for Web Safety provided by MTN

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Published: 10-10-2017

A new help line and hotline for matters concerning web safety has been set up in Cyprus as part of the CyberSafety project of The Cyprus Safer Internet Center, which is co-financed by the European Commission. 

The new 1480 phone service is provided through MTN’s infrastructure and is coordinated by the Pedagogical Institute of the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture. The technical implementation and maintenance of the service is offered by MTN without charge within the context of MTN’s participation as a partner in the European project CyberSafety.

Anyone can call the new help line and hotline 1480 anonymously and free of charge. By calling the help line, young people can express any concerns they may have about using the Internet, ask for advice and receive support. Through the hotline, illegal web content or activity can also be reported. The service is run by experienced personnel, always ready to carefully listen, support and provide assistance. 

MTN always gives more: proving once again its corporate social responsibility within the context of its initiatives on web safety and security and empowering the younger generation to deal with the challenges of the digital era with much greater safety.



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