Mozilla Send is the "Snapchat" for sending big files

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Published: 04-08-2017

Sending files over the internet is something many of us do everyday. Mozilla makes it easy to keep your files safe. With Send, your files self-destruct after download, so they can’t be accessed by anyone else. Your files are encrypted during transmission. Plus, Send encrypts files on the client side, so that not even Mozilla can read them.

The Test Pilot program is open to all Firefox users and helps Mozilla test and evaluate a variety of potential Firefox features. To activate Test Pilot visit

If you’ve experimented with Test Pilot features before, you know that you might run into some bugs or lose some of the polish in Firefox, so you can easily enable or disable features at any time.

Try out these and other Test Pilot experiments and help Mozilla decide which new features to build into future versions of Firefox.



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