Mozilla Firefox 55 now available with WebVR support and many new features

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Published: 09-08-2017

Mozilla released the final version of Firefox 55 for Windows PC, Mac and Linux, bringing a bunch of new useful features, more speed and WebVR support for virtual reality environment and headsets.

Firefox 55 now has the ability to restore browsing sessions that contain a huge number of tabs in an instant, but there's also the introduction of the WebVR technology that lets users use virtual reality devices with the Web. Search suggestions are now enabled by default in Firefox 55 and print jobs are simplified from within the Print Preview feature.

Also, Mozilla took the first steps to make sure that Adobe Flash Player  won't be activated until the user clicks the activation button. Additionally, the Flash plugin is now allowed only on http:// and https:// websites. Other than that, it's finally now possible to fine-tune your web browser's performance from the Preferences/Options page, as well as to assign custom shortcuts to Firefox menu items on Apple's OS X and macOS operating systems from the System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts options.

While still under heavy testing, the built-in screenshot tool is there and will let Firefox users make screenshots of web pages, which they can save locally or upload them to the cloud. Lastly, Firefox 55.0 lets you move the sidebar with bookmarks, history, and synced tabs to the right edge of the window.



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