Are we living in a simulation? [Video]

viral VIRAL
Published: 29-09-2017

In the 1990s, futurist and AI researcher Hans Moravec suggested that our Universe might be a simulation. But by this logic, our current “reality” could be nothing more than a simulation produced by information entities.

Assuming the artificial intelligences now have truly overwhelming processing power, they should be able to reconstruct human society in every detail by tracing atomic events backward in time. 

It will cost them very little to preserve us this way. They will, in fact, be able to re-create a model of our entire civilization, with everything and everyone in it, down to the atomic level, simulating our atoms with machinery that’s vastly subatomic. Also, they’ll be able to use data compression to remove the redundant stuff that isn’t important.

In fact, the robots will re-create us any number of times, whereas the original version of our world exists, at most, only once. Therefore, statistically speaking, it’s much more likely we’re living in a vast simulation than in the original version! 

Just think about it...



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