LG G6: A true flagship in an offer you can't miss!

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With LG G6, the Korean company is changing its own definition of flagship smartphone by bringing forward a straightforward device that may well be its best phone we've ever seen.

The basic principle behind the LG G6's design was to make a phone with a big screen that's easy to use in one hand. LG managed to to do that by reducing the bezels surrounding the screen, which LG has done to a greater extent than ever before, and also by changing the shape of the screen itself. The 5.7-inch LCD has a resolution of 2880 x 1440, giving it a taller 18:9 aspect ratio — in other words, it's exactly twice as tall as it is wide. By increasing the height of the screen rather than just stretching it diagonally, LG has created a phone with very manageable width that doesn't sacrifice the ability to display a lot of content at once. The display's corners have also been rounded off, evoking the softer edges of the device itself, although the curves don't match exactly. The G6 is dominated by this screen, with the small bezels allowing 80 percent of the front of the device to be given over to the display. Also, it's the first smartphone in the world that supports the Dolby Vision standard in order to make the most of what popular streaming content services has to offer.

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The most impressive physical aspect of the LG G6 is its incredibly solid metal and glass construction. Although it isn't too hefty at 7.9mm thick, this thing feels like a battleship. It's also LG's first G-series phone to be water- and dust-resistant, rated at IP68. Those rounded corners aren't just there to show off. LG actually filed off the edges of the LCD panel, making more room for reinforcement around the corners of the phone itself, which is the most common area to suffer impact damage and which could otherwise have made the G6 especially vulnerable. If the panel remained rectangular with this slim-bezel design, its corners would have been much closer to the edge of the device and therefore more vulnerable to cracking upon impact.

Another point of contention is the choice of processor: Qualcomm's Snapdragon 821, as opposed to the brand-new 835. LG defends this decision by saying that its engineers are more familiar with the design and therefore able to make the phone more reliable; the company also worked with Qualcomm to adapt an 835 feature that simulates smooth optical zoom between two camera lenses to the 821. The LG G6 has two 13MP cameras on the rear of the device, one with a normal lens and another that shoots at a wide angle. (The 5-megapixel selfie camera's 100-degree field of view is somewhere in between the two.) The normal camera does have an f/1.8 lens and optical image stabilization while the wide-angle has to make do with a slower, unstabilized f/2.4 lens, but those issues tend to be less important at wider focal lengths because you have more leeway with longer shutter speeds. Because the screen's aspect ratio amounts to two adjacent squares, the G6 has a bunch of shooting modes based around Instagram-ready 1:1 photos — there's even a homescreen icon called "Square Camera" that acts as a shortcut to the relevant section of the camera app.

Finally, LG G6 comes with the latest version of Android OS (7.0 Nougat) and it's one of the first smartphones that feature Google Assistant. 

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