Google releases Android Q first beta


Google launched the beta version for the next version of the Android operating system, which is called Android Q for now. The beta version is only available for the Pixel smartphones of the company specifically for the Pixel, Pixel 2 series and Pixel 3.

The main new features that Android Q brings at present are:

  • OnResume and OnPause to continue or temporarily stop multiple applications (in multitasking situations) when they are not in the spotlight, something that can be especially used in the category of folding smartphones
  • Greater control of access to the device location, as you can choose for each application individually whether it will always access this information or never or only when you use it in the foreground.
  • Greater control over apps access to device files, such as photos, videos, and recordings, with re-licensing whenever you choose to use an app.
  • App developers can show system settings menus in their applications for the new Settings Panel API. For example, through Chrome browser you can enable WiFi, Airplane mode or data without having to go to the settings menu.
  • Supports AV1 video codec and dynamic depth pictures in JPEG and XMP format for depth information (eg blur and other effects)
  • Improved performance of the Volkan 3D graphics API and new version v1.2 of the Neural Networks API.
  • New Sharing Shortcuts feature for easy transition from one app to another when you share content.
  • New WiFi modes to optimize the performance of specific processes, such as gaming. For example, users can enable "low latency mode".

This is the first beta version of a total of 6 released by Google in the coming months. It is not excluded that some of the new features will not go into the final version, and we certainly expect to see other features.

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