iPhone X sells record 6 million units on Black Friday!

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iPhone X has barely seen any discount on this year’s Black Friday, but this wasn’t seen as a major drawback for those who really wanted to purchase the device.

The anniversary iPhone was one of the most successful products this year, with analysts estimating that Apple sold no less than 6 million units. Overall, iPhone sales totaled 15 million units, making the Black Friday weekend one of the best so far this year for the Cupertino-based tech giant.

Seeing the iPhone X selling in so big numbers is a little surprising, especially because Apple and retailers haven’t discounted the device, but instead offered deals with bundled accessories and other promos for a bunch of extras.

Rosenblatt China Technology analyst, Jun Zhang, says the 256GB version of the iPhone X was the one more successful, with sales of this particular model twice as big as those of the 64GB version. The analyst estimates a total of 30 million iPhone X units would be sold this holiday quarter, with strong demand continuing in early 2018 when Apple would finally be able to align production with demand.

Company suppliers have already reported increased production, with Foxconn itself said to be building no less than 550,000 iPhone X units per day, up from 50,000 in September. This should help Apple reach around 4 million manufactured iPhones every week, analysts estimate, leading to record sales in the first quarter of the next year.



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