iOS 12: This is the new version of Apple's mobile operating system


Apple oficially announced its new iOS 12, presenting some brand new features and upgrades compared to the previous edition, iOS 11. 

iOS 12 will be supported by every single device that run iOS 11 right now, while Apple says that the company’s main aim is the improved performance of the operating system in every device and especially in older versions. 

iOS 12 – Performance

Up to 2x faster app launch under heavy workload
Up to 50% faster keyboard display
Up to 70% faster swipe to camera

iOS 12 – FaceTime  Group Call (up to 32 people)

Facetime now supports group audio and video calls- up to 32 people!

The user speaking will appear in a larger window so that people can track him/her easier, while the remaining participants will show up on the bottom of the screen inside a scroll-bar.

iOS 12 – Memoji

In the beginning, there were emoji. Last year we met Animoji. This year, Apple will launch their evolution, the Memoji. 

Memoji is a new type of personalized emoji which the user can create to match his/her personality and his mood at the specific point in time. The choice of memoji is infinite with the only boundary being the user’s imagination.

You will be able to use memoji in both messages and facetime. 

iOS 12 – 4 New Animojis

You will have the opportunity to use 4 new animojis: Koala, Tiger, Ghost and T. rex.

Also, all of the animojis in iOS 12 will take into account the movement of your tongue, making them more expressive than ever, while their maximum duration increased from 10 seconds to 30 seconds. 

iOS 12 – Camera Effects

The camera mode via the Messeges or FaceTime application was enriched with more text effects, stickers etc.

iOS 12 – AR

Apple, with the help of Pixar, developed a new file format, the USDZ which will offer augmented possibilities in compatible applications. It is already supported by Adobe, Autodesk, Sketchfab, ptc and Quixel. 

The biggest AR platform will be improved, offering new features such as updated Face tracking, more realistic Renderings and multi-user AR.

iOS 12 – Screen Time

Screen time is a new feature that helps you keep track of the time spent on applications. iOS 12 provides useful tools for monitoring and controlling the usage time of each application. 

This feature will be particularly useful to parents, as they will be in a position to directly see how much time their kids spend on applications and the web, through the use of detailed reports and graphs. 

iOS 12 – Notifications

There will be a new way of managing your notifications to reduce interruptions throughout the day. The user will no longer need to go to the general settings of the device to turn notifications off, but instead he/she will be able to do so from the lock screen. 

iOS 12 – Photo Sharing

A new “For you” tab will be added in the “Pictures” application, which shows specific moments from your photo library, and at the same time it will automatically suggest sharing those pictures with the people in them. Also, if the recipients are using iOS 12, they’ll be automatically prompted to share their photos from the event with you, too.

iOS 12 – Photo Search

Updated search system in the “Pictures” application. Now, suggestions for people, places, events will show up, to help you find the photo you are looking for. Also, the use of multiple keaywords will be supported in the search bar. 

iOS 12 – Siri Shortcuts

Siri can now intelligently pair your daily routines with third-party apps to suggest convenient shortcuts right when you need them. Basically, it means that the top application, Workflow, will be incorporated to Siri. 

iOS 12 – Privacy

With iOS 12, Apple makes the work of advertising companies harder, as it increases the privacy levels of the user on Safari. Now, share buttons and comment widgets are not allowed to monitor the user while he/she is browsing through the websites, unless the user gives them permission. 



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