Ingress Prime is now available on Android and iOS


Pokemon Go may be the game that made Niantic Labs hugely popular, but before it partnered with Nintendo to create a mobile spin-off of one of the most popular franchises in gaming, the Google startup had developed another AR game, the one that started it all – Ingress.

The original Ingress was launched in 2012 and took players on a real-world object hunt. It was received positively and garnered quite the player base, though by the time Pokemon Go came out in 2016, Ingress' player numbers had plummeted drastically. The tides are turning, however, and as the popularity of Pokemon Go slowly (but surely) fizzles out, Niantic Labs is launching a reboot of its original AR game.

Ingress Prime is now out on Android and iOS and it serves as a new "season" of Ingress, so to speak. In other words, Prime pushes the reset button on the game's story and gives players a clean slate. If you're not familiar with the "plot" of the game, it revolves around two factions — the Resistance or the Enlightened — that players join and fight for. Every couple of months one of the factions wins and changes the story.

Ingress Prime - [Google Play Link]

Ingress Prime - [App Store Link]



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