MTN awarded the winners of the iWhiz game!

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MTN awarded the students and schools that accumulated the highest scores in the previous round of iWhiz, MTN’s innovative educational game that educates on online safety.

The awards ceremony took place at the Pedagogical Institute, on Tuesday, October 24, 2017. The winning schools awarded were the following: Constantinoupoleos High School, Drosia High School and Kokkinochoria High School Foti Pitta. Each school was awarded with 8 Android 10" tablets, along with keyboards. In addition, three students (2 from Constantinoupoleos High School and 1 from Drosia Gymnasium) were awarded an iPad mini2 32GB each for their personal scores in iWhiz.

Dr. Socrates A. Mylonas, on behalf of the Director of Secondary Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture, addressed those present and congratulated the Board of Directors of the Pedagogical Institute and MTN for their initiatives, stating that: 

The Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus, in close cooperation with the Pedagogical Institute and with other organizations, organizes and supports relevant actions aimed at students in order to further develop their knowledge and skills in this sensitive area. The iWhiz game and the competition launched in 2016 are examples of such an action, achieving the development of students' knowledge of IT and the Internet in a pleasant manner”.

Mr. Stelios Miliatis, Deputy Headmaster at the Ministry of Education and Culture, after applauding the winners, expressed: “A big thank you to MTN and the Pedagogical Institute for creating iWhiz.”

On behalf of MTN, Ms. Marlen Michael, Communication & PR Senior Manager noted: 

On behalf of MTN, I would like to thank you for embracing iWhiz so warmly – of course a huge ‘congratulations’ to the winners as well as to everyone who participated. Today, almost a year after the game's release, we feel proud of our choice to create an online application that communicates with young people and provides fun and entertainment at the same time"

The iWhiz game is a source of information and knowledge; a pleasant pastime for students as well; a fun interactive quiz game, in which students challenge each other in different tests. The entire iWhiz initiative aims to inform and educate students on issues such as how to avoid cyberbullying and positively use the internet, which can offer unlimited opportunities for knowledge, communication and entertainment.

The new iWhiz contest is already underway (since October 10), ending on January 31, 2018. MTN encourages students to try out the game while at the same time participating in the competition.
For more information about the iWhiz game visit: 

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