For the first time in history, an asteroid was "bombed" by a human device


The Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) confirmed that it managed to "bomb" the asteroid Ryugu with the help of the Hayabusa2 spacecraft to collect samples from its inside.

This is the first time that this is attempted (except for what we see in movies ...) and these samples can give scientists very useful information about the asteroid structure. Who knows, one day may be necessary if they need to find ways to prevent a possible impact on Earth.

The Small Carry-on Impactor (SCI) fell to Ryugu from a distance in a special bronze package and the Hayabusa2 was removed from the area to avoid being hit by any ruins caused by the explosion. In the next few days they will again attempt to land on the asteroid to collect the samples from the crater that was formed. These specimens are particularly important because they are protected by the radiation of Space that alters the composition of materials for billions of years.

If everything goes well, Hayabusa2 will return back to Earth in 2020 along with these samples.



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