Kohler Konnect is the smart bathroom of the future

Published: 10-01-2018

CES is a wonderful time of the year, filling our techy heads with more exciting and enlightening products than one can possibly test out. One company to keep an eye on is the ever impressive Kohler, who this year have announced their new smart home products with ‘KOHLER Konnect’ – introducing voice-command technology into the bathroom with Amazon Alexa. 

At CES, Kohler is showcasing:

  • Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror: The only product with Alexa built in, it comes with touch controls for lighting and sound.
  • PerfectFill Bathtub: Turn on the water, adjust water temperature and fill level.
  • DTV+ Showering System: While the tech of temperature control has been around for awhile, the app now controls the system. Alexa Skills can also control music, lighting, and steam with voice commands.
  • Numi Intelligent Toilet: Flush, control odor, warm your feet, and even listen to music. There's even an option for bidet cleansing or air drying. It will also warm your seat.
  • PureWarmth Toilet Seat: Sold separately if you don't want the full intelligent toilet. Great for cold winters.
  • Touchless Response Toilet: An improved version of motion-controlled flushing.

All devices are slated for release later this year, except for the mirror, which should be released in March.



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