This app trains you to become an astronaut!


The Finnish Space Nation, in collaboration with NASA, has created a new app that lets everyone become an….astronaut. Space Nation Navigator is available on Android and iOS devices and it aims at training people to become astronauts. 

The app includes many games, ranging from physical activities to mind games. There are 4 different categories, Base, Missions, Profile, and Shop. Each category has different kind of games and activities, while there is also ranking for each individual game and puzzle. The reason why there is ranking is because those 100 people located on the top of leaderboards from the whole world will be chosen to participate in a training camp. From those 100 people, only 12 will proceed to the next stage, which is a 10-week astronaut training camp located in Iceland. Then, there will be only one winner, whose reward will be an expenses-paid trip to space.

In case you are wondering whether the missions and the puzzles are easy, the answer is a huge NO. The games included will cover anything you can imagine, ranging from physical activities to tough riddles. For instance, one of the missions will ask you to cover a specified distance by jogging, while the GPS will be activated to make sure you are not “cheating” the machine. At the same time, there are numerous mind-blowing puzzles that will surely trick you, testing your numerical skills and every other skill you can think of. 

The app’s aim is to find the most appropriate candidates throughout the world, one of which will be win a space trip. Thus, if you ever dreamed of becoming an astronaut and exploring the outer space, maybe this app is your gateway to fulfill your ultimate wishes. 

Space Nation Navigator - [Google Play Link]

Space Nation Navigator - [App Store Link]



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