PlayStation 5 detailed from official for the very first time

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We are now officially entering PlayStation 5 as Mark Cerny, chief architect for the PS4, has made some very interesting revelations about the next-generation gaming console of the company in an interview with Wired.

Specifically, Mr. Cerny stressed that the PS5 will come with a new octa-core processor based on the AMD Zen 2 (7nm) architecture and custom graphics processor based on AMD Radeon Navi hardware. This translates into support for Ray-Tracing graphics technology for the first time in a console, but also a 8K resolution! The chipset will include a separate unit for dramatically improving the sound quality of both the TV speakers and the audio systems and headphones.

In other features, it was revealed that the PS5 will be compatible with PS4 games, producing the new titles at the same time for both generations, with an optical drive (probably Blu-Ray) and HDD hard drive being replaced by SSD to significantly improve the loading speed of the toys.

Finally, it is possible that a new PlayStation VR will be released alongside the PS5. The release of the latter, however, will definitely not be this year, but probably at the end of 2020



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